Nashville cats…

Rolled out of KY in the mid-morning, had a relatively uneventful drive through rural areas. Stopped off in a town called Sonora to mail some stuff and walked around this little whistlestop no-horse town for a good spell, taking photos and watching butterflies, which were everywhere.

I got off the highway in Hendersonville, TN, looking for Johnny Cash’s gravesite. I didn’t find that but I did wind up running into my friend Karen, whom I haven’t seen in ten years, who just happened to be having sushi up the road from where I was driving. Love it.

I got to my booking agent’s house, which is like this little New England-style saltbox in the middle of Tennessee. He’s from up our way so it makes sense..they are all northeastern furnishings. It’s pretty hysterical.

Rolled out to Calhoun’s for the first show, hosted by the fabulous Christina Parri. The songs went over well, and I even got an encore, which isn’t very common at these things…CP, Chip (my agent) and I all went out to another writers’ night, where we met up with Laurie McClain, who’s another Nashville writer I know from NYC and Banjo Jim’s.

Later on we went out to Printer’s Alley in downtown Nville and caught some not-so-great cover band, who had apparently just changed their style..they used to be a pretty cool band, I was told. Ah, well. At least we had pecan pie….


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