A quick one.

Well, Scott and I are getting ready to go immerse ourselves in the healing waters of Barton Springs, TX, before our show, so I’ll keep this one short.

We had an amazing yesterday…we started out by hitting Antone’s Record Shop, where we bought many 45s (as they will fit in our luggage), the new Glen Campbell disc, and some Albert Collins. As we were checking out, we asked Eve, the nice young lady behind the counter, about consigning our CD with them..she very cheerfully replied affirmatively, and after filling out some paperwork, put our CD in the front rack alongside Jimmie Vaughan’s latest! Thrilling.

Scott and I then hit Torchy’s Tacos, which was insanely good…have you ever had a fried avocado taco? Well, neither had I. Until now. Yum!

We then spent a ridiculous amount of time at the Buffalo Exchange trying on and eventually purchasing some vintage clothes…I found a US-made pair of Levi’s in my exact size and a really nice wash. For 14 bucks. Sweeeeet.

Back to Pete’s, where we cooled off a bit and worked on some logistics. Then Pete took us out to South Congress, where we first walked the strip and wound up…at another vintage store! Scott and I both got snap-front shirts and he scored with a sweet A&W ringer tee. We passed the Austin Motel, which has a sign shaped like a cock and balls. Which led to me saying, “The Cock ‘N’ Balls Motel. Damn, sounds like a Tom Waits song,” and proceeded then to murkily mumble said song idea in my beast Waits voice, to much mirth.

Off to Botticelli’s, where we relaxed under the ubiquitous misting fans in the patio, and waited for Trisha Keefer to hit the stage accompanying songwriter Joe Faulhaboer…who, by the way, is a lovely gentleman with an even lovelier 1973 cherry sunburst Martin D-35…never seen another.

Trisha arrived a few minutes later, and it was wonderful to get to know her a bit…she’s a great player, and was as excited to meet us as we were to meet her. They played a set, along with Joe Beckham on upright bass, of mostly great covers (Dylan, The Band) along with some tasty originals.

After set break, where we all rapped a bit more and really got on fabulously, Pete, Scott and I headed over to a very generously portioned Mexican restaurant across the street, where we all ate way too much delicious grub. Then we headed back across the street to the Continental Club, where Joe Beckham’s band, Wisebird, was set to play.

And play they did. A great four-piece, replete with organ and a singing drummer who bore more than a passing resemblance to Russell Brand, these boys took the stage by storm and didn’t let up til almost two hours later. Some guy who looked like the Dude was dancing his ass off. So many lovely people…a very good-looking young lady bumped into my shoulder, and in apology, raised her bottle. I wasn’t drinking, so put up my fist in the fist-pound gesture, but she decided instead to wrap her arm around me and give me a big embrace and kiss on the cheek below my ear.

I really like Austin.


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